Dear readers, this month me and three of my former colleagues were graciously featured in a news story on the homepage of the History Department website at Loyola University Chicago. This news story features short interviews with three of my fellow graduate students–Karen Burch, Carl Ewald, and Katya Maslakowski–as well as myself about what we plan to do now that we have received our master’s degrees in History from Loyola University.

All of us have accepted offers to continue our studies in History at the doctoral level at different schools, from the University of London to the University of California, Davis. The interview questions range from asking us to reflect upon our past experiences at Loyola University to contemplating where we see ourselves ending up in ten years time. Our responses to these questions indicate what we see as important in our various doctoral programs, as well as why we have chosen to continue our studies at the PhD level. I would like to thank the staff of the History Department at Loyola University Chicago as well as Assistant Professor Kyle Roberts for putting together this great journalistic piece. Your support means a lot to all of us. You can check out the story here at its stable link, or you can see the article temporarily featured on the History Department homepage. Thank you for reading, and best wishes.