Dear readers, the annual HIS 203 presentations are happening this Thursday from 10:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. For those who do not know, HIS 203 is a required class for second-year students in the graduate History Department at UC Davis. HIS 203 is a year-long, article writing workshop. Students in the course work all year long (that is, for fall, winter, and spring quarter) on researching, writing, and then editing an article-length essay on a topic of their choosing. Generally, the essay becomes either a stand-alone article–which the student submits to a peer-reviewed journal for publication–and/or it becomes the basis for the first chapter of their dissertation.

At the end of each year, students in the HIS 203 course show off their finished essays in a conference-style presentation for the rest of the department. This gives other students in the department a chance to see the kind of work that their peers are doing, and it gives the department a chance to celebrate the hard work of its second-year graduate students. The presentation of the 203 paper serves as a milestone for all graduate students. Completion of the class often marks the end of course work and the beginning of preparation for the comprehensive examinations, a series of tests the students will take in their third year.

There is going to be a great group of presentations this Thursday, June 2, in the basement of the Social Sciences and Humanities Building (Room 273). I have attached the conference program to this blog post so that you can see the order of events, the presenters’ names, and each of their paper titles. The second-year students presenting this year are Renzo Aroni, Melanie Peinado, Muhammet Sacmali, Sean Gallagher, Mike Haggerty, Josh Thomas, and Joel Virgen. They will present their papers in a couple of two-hour sessions with lunch scheduled in between. After the presentations are finished, the department will issue an annual award called the Emile G. Scholz Prize for the best HIS 203 paper.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood of UC Davis on Thursday, I hope you will come by the SS&H Building and watch what are certain to be some great presentations.

HIS 203 Conference Program Photo 2

HIS 203 Conference Program (5-31-2016)