In one of four lookout towers at the old Spanish fort-the Castillo de San Marcos-in St. Augustine, Florida (2016)

My name is Devin Leigh, and  I am a graduate History student and teacher’s assistant at the University of California Davis in Yolo County, California. Occasionally, I also teach classes as an adjunct History instructor at Solano Community College (SCC) in Solano County, California. The Zamani Reader (abbreviated as TZR) is my personal and professional blog.

In the past, TZR has featured posts about History in a variety of formats, including academic book reviews and précis, personal reflections, notable quotes, news and announcements, class lectures, interviews, recommended resources, links to online materials, and feature-length articles. The featured articles have ranged from research prospectuses to bibliographical essays, historiographies, and research papers. Recently, at the start of summer, 2017, I decided to suspend posting with TZR indefinitely. I have attempted to explain my decision in the paragraphs below:

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I first created TZR on Saturday afternoon, February 1, 2014. Since then, I have always treated the blog as a supplement to, and a release valve for, my more-formal studies in graduate school. As such, I never adhered to a reliable or consistent posting schedule. Instead, the only way that I felt I could make the blog work with my school commitments was to partner it with my academic course-work, adapting and posting materials as I completed them for my teachers. This strategy meant that, while my posts often aligned closely with my personal research interests, they more-generally reflected the assignments that I was given by my professors at any particular moment.

Recently, I passed over a threshold in my journey towards my degree. During the 2016-2017 academic year, I started conducting research for my potential dissertation project. Since I plan to publish this research in a more formal venue some day, I chose not to post about it on TZR. Then, in the spring of 2017, I finished with my graduate course-work entirely. As a result, I am no longer being assigned and producing papers for school that I can re-post on TZR. Rather, I am focusing my time on studying for my comprehensive examinations and preparing for my dissertation prospectus, both of which are supposed to occur in the fall of 2018. If I successfully complete these two stages of the doctoral process, then I will begin several years of intensive research and writing for my dissertation. Like much of the work that I undertook in 2016-2017, I will be saving these writings for publication in a forum other than TZR.

In order to focus on the tasks ahead, I have chosen to take an indefinite hiatus from publishing with TZR. I will keep TZR active online so that people can read previous posts, but I will refrain from publishing new posts while I pursue my examinations and work on my dissertation. I do not know if I will do anything with TZR in the future. If I decide to return to the blog one day, hopefully, by that time, I will have completed the program at UC Davis and received my PhD in the field of History.

For more information about TZR, please check out some of the pages cataloged beneath this one, browse older posts in the “Search the Archives” section, or send me a message via the “Contact the Author” page. Thanks for supporting TZR, and best wishes.