Primary Sources:

Government Records: (note: the following list includes various government records for the colony of Jamaica. These include administrative records that were created both in the colony and in London, the colonial metropole. These records are not listed in any particular order. Most of them are housed in The National Archives in Kew, England). 

Assembly Minutes — Journals of the House of Assembly of Jamaica, 1663-1826, ed. by Alexander Aikman, 14 Vols. (St. Jago de la Vega and Kingston: Jamaican Assembly, 1811-1829). Access: the minutes of the Jamaican Assembly are available to browse on various internet databases such as Slavery & Anti-Slavery A Transnational Archive.

Laws of Jamaica — Original copies of the Jamaican laws are housed in the Colonial Office Papers at The National Archives in Kew under catalog numbers CO 139/1-54.