Revisionist History Malcolm Gladwell for TZRMalcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History, 2016. Canadian Journalist Malcolm Gladwell has long been known for his non-fiction books which offer meaningful insights into society and human nature in a writing style that is accessible. In 2016, Gladwell transferred his characteristic voice to a new medium. In Gladwell’s own words, Revisionist History is a podcast “about things forgotten and misunderstood.” Historians will quickly recognize that the podcast’s name is largely a misnomer. Most of the episodes are neither about revising History nor exploring how scholars have done so in the past. Nonetheless, about half of the episodes are more than deserving of the title. Episodes such as “Saigon 1965” and “The Lady Vanishes” from season one, and “Miss Buchanan’s Period of Adjustment,” “The Foot Soldier of Birmingham,” and “The Prime Minister and the Prof” from season two, force us to rethink many of our assumptions about how we have made the past and how we have chosen to remember it.