Bronze sculpture of a Portuguese soldier from the Kingdom of Benin (1500s)

Dear readers, thank you for visiting the “Miscellaneous History Resources” page of TZR. There is no content on this main page, but you can use the sub-headings located in its drop-down menu to search through historical materials that I have recommended. These materials are organized according to either their medium (film or website) or their type of content (fiction, non-fiction, or textbook). They are not directed towards any particular kind of audience. Some of them will be more suited for academics and professional historians (like the databases listed in websites), while others are meant for those who have an interest in History yet have not studied the subject much beyond their basic education in middle or high school. In particular, the list of non-fiction books is catered to a non-professional audience under the assumption that most academics already know what kind of secondary-sources they like to read. With that being said, it is my hope that some of these categories (films and fiction books, for example) will contain recommendations that both scholars and non-scholars can enjoy.

If you have any suggestions for sources that I should include on one of these lists, please do not hesitate to write. Thanks for visiting TZR recommendations, and happy browsing!