Voyages Image.pngVoyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade DatabaseThis site has the most comprehensive quantifiable data on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, with over “35,000 slave voyages that forcibly embarked over 12 million Africans for transport to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.” 


Ecclesiastical Sources for Slave SocietiesThe Slave Societies Digital ArchiveThis database (formerly Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies) is dedicated to sharing sources for African-descended peoples in Luso-Hispanic slave societies. It contains over 500,000 images about 6-8 million people between the 16th and 20th centuries. 


The Louisiana Slave Trade DatabaseThe Louisiana Slave Trade Database (1719-1820)Constructed largely from French colonial courthouse and parish records, this database contains information on 104,000 Africans and African-descended peoples who lived in colonial Louisiana throughout the eighteenth and early nineteenth century. 8,442 of the people are even listed with their ethnicity. 


Slave Revolt in Jamaica ImageSlave Revolt in Jamaica, 1760-1761: A Cartographic NarrativeThis website provides a description, interactive map, and curated bibliography of primary sources pertaining to Tacky’s Revolt in Jamaica, the largest slave revolt in the eighteenth-century British Atlantic World.


Musical Passage TZR Image

Musical Passage: A Voyage to 1688 Jamaica This website offers a recreation of a rare primary source of African diasporic music from Jamaica in the late seventeenth century. The creators analyzed and re-enacted African melodies preserved in Hans Sloan’s 1707 work, Voyage to the Islands.


CaptureThe African Origins ProjectThis website is a database of personal information for thousands of Africans who were freed from slave ships in the early nineteenth century. The site is both interactive and collaborative, designed for members of the public to browse the names and contribute to their analysis. 


Documenting the American SouthDocumenting the American SouthThis digital publishing initiative contains the most extensive online archive–18 different collections–of primary sources devoted specifically to the study of Southern United States history, with a special emphasis on life during slavery in the pre-Civil War years.


Slavery and Slavery 2Slavery & Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive — This might be the largest online archive of primary sources pertaining to the history of slavery in the Atlantic World, with millions of items about Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


Mapping OccupationMapping Occupation — This interactive website offers digital tools–including a spatial history with narrative and an exploratory map–for studying the occupation of northern military forces in the southern United States during the Reconstruction Era (~1865-1880).


Making of the Modern WorldThe Making of the Modern World — This database contains nearly 12 million pages of primary source materials related to the development of the modern Western world during the early-modern period. The database places a special emphasis on the themes of trade and wealth.


Burney Collection17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers — This database has “the most comprehensive collection of early English newspapers” from the 1600s and the 1700s. The papers were printed in London, the British Isles, and the British overseas colonies in the Atlantic World.


Locating London's Past TZRLocating London’s Past — This website is an interactive GIS mapping tool based off of John Rocque’s 1746 London map. It offers researchers an interactive way to locate historical phenomena in early-modern London using a combination of the map and documents like Old Bailey records. 


Small Axe Project2The Small Axe Project A composite of four different platforms, each of which focuses on a different form of media and expression, the Small Axe Project is a dynamic exploration of Caribbean intellectual and cultural traditions.