Secondary Sources:

Books: (note: the following list includes published history books about Jamaica. Also, since Jamaica was the mainstay colony of the British Caribbean, this list also includes quite a few important histories of the British West Indies. These works are presented in chronological order according to when they were published. Please be aware that, especially if the work was adapted from a previous dissertation, this order may not accurately represent when the ideas were first conceived and/or written out by their authors. As a final note, I have included what I understand to be the most “academic” or “scholarly” works. 

JOSEPH LUCKERT PIETERSZ. Jamaica Under the Spaniards, Abstracted from the Archives of Seville (Kingston, Jamaica: Institute of Jamaica, 1919).

LOWERLL JOSEPH RAGATZ. The Fall of the Planter Class in the British Caribbean: 1763-1783 (Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1925).

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ELSA V. GOVEIA, A Study on the Historiography of the British West Indies to the End of the Nineteenth Century (Mexico: Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia, 1956).

ORLANDO PATTERSON. The Sociology of Slavery: An Analysis of the Origins, Development, and Structure of Negro Slave Society in Jamaica (Rutherford, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1967).

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