Scipio Moorhead’s engraving of the eighteenth-century African-American poet Phillis Wheatley for her book, Poems on Various Subjects (1773)

The Zamani Reader accepts submissions by outside authors. TZR will review and accept submissions for new content. All accepted submissions will be published in a category labeled “guest posts.” Each guest post will be featured on the site’s homepage when published, and it will remain there until a new piece is posted on the site. Afterwards, all guest posts will be navigable via a tab on the site’s homepage task bar. Each guest post will also include a short biographical statement about the author that includes their contact information (if desired), alongside a brief disclaimer clarifying that the piece reflects the views of the individual contributor and not necessarily those of TZR at large. That being said, TZR will seek to publish guest posts that are consistent with the blog’s vision and tradition.

Why is TZR accepting submissions? TZR has been run solely by its creator since its founding in February of 2014. As those who run their own blogs understand, one of biggest challenges to keeping an online publication going is the need to produce both new and engaging content on a regular basis. By opening up TZR to guest posts, I hope to accomplish two goals simultaneously. First, I hope to provide a public forum for young scholars, particularly graduate students of History, who are producing engaging material for their classes that might otherwise go unseen in folders on their computers after being turned in to their professors. Graduate students draft an enormous amount of thoughtful historical material during their time in master’s and PhD programs. Most of this material never gets seen by anyone other than their professors. TZR wants to provide a forum for sharing some of that work with an outside audience who might appreciate it. Second, by opening up TZR to outside posts, I hope to take the blog to the next stage of its history. I hope to make TZR a more productive, consistent, diverse, and interactive website for our ongoing engagement with the study of both History and historical materials.

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Portrait of the eighteenth-century Afro-Jamaican poet Francis Williams (c. 1745)

Why submit a post to TZR? Of course, TZR is not a peer-reviewed academic journal, and so it does not carry any weight in professional circles. Nonetheless, there are a few good reasons why you might consider submitting a guest post to TZR. First, as an online blog that is accessible to anyone with internet access, TZR has a much greater ability to reach interested, potential readers than many academic journals. The majority of academic journals provide their content only on a pay-to-read basis. Their articles are published in a hard-copy journal and/or on databases like JSTOR. In either form, the content of these journals is only available to individuals or institutions with subscriptions. A post on TZR, by comparison, is an Open Access piece. It can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection who has an interest in your subject. Secondly, TZR is a great way to give your research exposure, especially in regards to written work that you think is great but that you have no intention of publishing elsewhere. I have been posting articles on TZR for several years now, and I confess that I am continually surprised at both the number of views that a post can receive and the caliber of the people who can read and comment on that post. Remember, just because blogs like TZR are not professional journals does not mean that professional academics do not read them.

What kind of submissions will TZR consider? TZR is a blog that publishes a wide range of writings about History. These posts can be reflections about teaching or working in the discipline of History, reviews of classic or new books in the field of History, thoughts on current events or initiatives with an emphasis on History, or even feature-length articles on a special topic in History. TZR will consider submissions is any of these genres as long as the content is related to one of the following themes: Atlantic Africa, the West Indies or the Caribbean, the African or Black Diaspora, the British Empire, ethnicity and race, slavery, colonialism, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Atlantic World, and the early-modern early-modern era or the early-modern period (roughly 1440s-1830s). In addition, TZR has a special interest in publishing thoughtful and detailed reviews of both classic and new books about the history of the Caribbean, Atlantic Africa, and the African or Black Diaspora. As editor, I am more than happy to assign books to interested reviewers with the guarantee that their finished reviews will be published on the blog.

How do I submit a guest post to TZRSubmitting a guest post to TZR is simple. All that you need to do is send your piece to the email address below as both an MS Word and a PDF attachment. Please include a one-paragraph biography in the body of the email that tells me a little bit about yourself and why you have chosen to write and submit this particular piece. Please title your email with the words “TZR Submission” and then your name. If your work is accepted for publication on the site, you will be notified by email in one month or less. As a final note, TZR strongly prefers that all of its posts are written with their citations in Chicago Style. TZR also encourages a tradition of rigorous citation so that readers can easily check the claims made by its contributing writers.

Thank you, and I look forward to reading your posts!

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