Tertiary Sources:

Surveys: (note: the following list includes a few surveys of the History of Jamaica, the British West Indies, and/or the entire Caribbean. These works are presented in chronological order according to when they were published. They are ideal for providing an introduction to the History of Jamaica and the British West Indies, acquainting readers with many of the most notable events, analytical questions, and historiographical debates.  

ERIC WILLIAMS. From Columbus to Castro: the History of the Caribbean, 1492-1969 (London: Trafalgar Square, 1970).

GAD HEUMAN. The Caribbean: A Brief History (London: Hodder Education, 2006).

BARRY W. HIGMAN. A Concise History of the Caribbean (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011).

STEPHAN PALMIÉ AND FRANCISCO A. SCARANO. The Caribbean: A History of the Region and its Peoples (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2011).