Dear readers,

This weekend the conference committee for the Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) released a draft of their program for the 51st Annual Conference. The conference will take place in Curaçao from Sunday, May 26, to Thursday, May 30. The theme is “Resistance: A View from the Margins.” I will be presenting a paper on Thursday, May 30, as part of “Panel #13: Documenting Caribbean Cultures.” This panel will also feature presentations by Drs. Emiel Martens, Orpheo Donk, and Rose Mary Allen. My paper will introduce a primary source that I discovered in the archives of the British Library in the summer of 2017. The core of this primary source is the lengthiest set of musical notations that have survived from the early-modern period and that were composed by enslaved people. I am currently collaborating with the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA) to create an online exhibit for sharing these notations with the public. That exhibit should be completed by the time of the conference, so that I can use it during my presentation. I posted a link to the current draft of the ACH conference program below, as well as a link to the ECDA. Enjoy!

2019 ACH Conference Program

Early Caribbean Digital Archive